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Silva Mirovics

silva mirovics

Hi, I'm Silva Mirovics

Owner and Founder of Kinfolk Healing Yoga Therapy


Who am I?



Hi, my name is Silva and I have dedicated my life to serving and supporting others.

My academic background includes a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters of Gerontology.  

I am a fully qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, and yoga and meditation teacher, and currently completing my certification to become a yoga therapist.

I have worked in the community care industry for nearly 30 years.  I was also a consultant and subject matter expert in developing aged care courses for one of Victoria's leading TAFEs.  

I have run my own yoga and meditation business for several years now, but wanted to create a way to reach more people and support them in their healing and wellness journey.  

So you can see I am an expert in the fields of yoga, meditation and living well, and I am here to share my vast knowledge with you.  

Thank you for showing an interest in your wellbeing.




Why I started this business


Kinfolk Healing Yoga Therapy is an online and in-person learning environment exploring various course topics through the evidence-based application of the therapeutic tools of yoga.  
Everything has been curated with a specific goal and purpose in mind - to help you heal, be well, find your truth and live with meaning and purpose.
Every aspect of Kinfolk Healing revolves around supporting Women's Health and Wellness, supporting women through Menopause and beyond. 
Online and in-person classes, workshops and courses  include:
- General Hatha Yoga classes
- Meditation & Yoga Nidra classes
- Empowering women through wellness
- Yoga Therapy
- Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consulting
- Reducing stress & improve sleep
- Connecting with the cycles of the seasons and the Moon
- Living with ease and meaning.
It is my calling, my purpose,  to utilise my knowledge of yoga, and my life's experiences, to help others ease suffering, find joy, inner peace and truly blossom, not matter what your age. 

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