Word Of The Week - Stillness

breath mindfulness reduce stress yoga therapy Jul 28, 2021

Most of us seek moments of stillness, some kind of peace and quiet in our lives.

When we practice yoga we should be experiencing stillness - stillness within the busy mind which then eases the fluctuations within the body as well.  If we don't find moments of this stillness during yoga practice then we are not present, not in the moment.  Yoga also provides the opportunity for us to learn how to cultivate moments of stillness in every day life.   This in turn brings moments of greater clarity and easeful living.

I was thinking about stillness the other week when my students were in savasana (final relaxation during a yoga class) and suddenly workmen started up all this noisy machinery.  At the end of the class I commented on this, thinking it must have been totally distracting, but my dedicated students stated that they had not heard anything to distract them.  This reminded me of the power of breath and body awareness, and how this awareness leads to the present moment, and to this stillness we seek.

Stillness in our yoga practice means we are here and now.  We don't notice other stimuli, such as sounds or distractions,  because our breath is guiding our movements and subduing our busy minds.

If you are in a seated forward fold and you find yourself picking fluff of your mat, or thinking about shaving your legs or painting your toe nails then you are not present during your yoga practice.  When you are present you are experiencing stillness and the beautiful benefits of yoga.

Our breath is the anchor that guides us into stillness.  If you find your thoughts drifting then bring your attention back to your breath.  Then you are present, aware, still and able to step into your best life yet.

Om Shanti ~ Om Peace

Silva x


Photo by Mario Dobelmann on Unsplash

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