Word Of The Week - Create Space

breath hatha yoga meditation Jul 15, 2021

Creating space for change.

Every time you practice yoga you create space for change to occur.

Through pranayama (breathing techniques) you create space which allows you to deepen your meditation and your asana (posture) practice.  You create space for your lungs and body, for air and prana life force to flow and move.

Through asana practice you create space within your physical body, freeing up the joints, opening the chest and hips, stretching and strengthening the whole body.

Through meditation you create space in your mind, replacing worries and subconscious patterns with awareness of the present moment.  Consistent observation of the present moment is a great place for change to occur.  A regular Yoga Nidra class also allows you to create space to cultivate change.  Through Yoga Nidra you begin to experience unity of your whole being as the boundaries between the internal and external begin to fall away.

Through the practice of yoga you create space for change.

It wont be instant or instantly profound.  But if you look back at how you felt before class, you will begin to notice a very subtle shift.  If you look back further over the last few months, or even years of yoga being a part of your life, these subtle changes start to add up.  You begin to actively notice the space that yoga has created and freed up for you.  This space allows you to become aware, to begin healing, to start living in the present moment, and to be your true self.

Om Shanti ~ Om Peace

Silva x


Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash.

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