The Garden In Your Mind

meaning & purpose mindfulness yoga therapy Dec 14, 2021


Which garden are you focused on?

I am reading a fabulous yoga therapy book titled Yoga Therapy for Fear, by Beth Spindler.

As I make my way through the pages that look at fear, anger, and resentment I begin to gain greater insight and self-awareness about letting go and moving on from these all consuming emotions and feelings.

Of course, I know that these emotions are not healthy.  I know that because all my yoga and yoga therapy training has taught me that.  I know it also because I can feel what these emotions do to my body physically and mentally - and it doesn't feel good.  Yet, I also know that sometimes we are so consumed by feelings of hurt, especially when this hurt stems from someone in your family, that it is really difficult to move on from it. 

You may not like to admit it, but sometimes we like to hang on, or revisit, past hurts because it gives us a sense of control, or a sense that we are somehow hurting that person back.  But none of this is healthy for us and we can't move forward to be our best selves while stuck in this resentful, angry, hurt space.

You have a choice

That's right - we always have a choice.  Every day we make choices.  Whilst reading Beth's book the simplest, yet also most mind-blowing vision arises for me.  The image of two gardens.  One is lush, alive, growing, expanding, reaching outward, upward, downward.  The other is sparse, dry, barren, dead.  

I began to place my thoughts into these two gardens.  Revisiting past hurts, feelings of resentment and anger takes my focus to the dry, dead, barren garden.  Then I realise that every time I placed my thoughts into the barren garden I was robbing myself of lushness and expansion.  This is where mindful awareness comes into it.  I found it near impossible to think these negative thoughts whilst focusing on the lush garden.

What we focus on is what we manifest

I really encourage you to give this exercise a go.  See both gardens in your mind and be aware that every time you think with anger, resentment, fear or hurt you are growing the barren garden.  Do you really want to be spending more time in that barren garden?  Most probably not.  Put your energy into thinking of your lush, expanding garden and you begin to change your thought patterns, neural pathways, and the health of your body and mind.  

Take small steps forward and with time your self-awareness grows.  Slowly you will naturally begin to spend more time in the positive mind space of your beautiful growing garden. 

Want some help with this?

If you would like to work on releasing and letting go of negative thoughts or emotions that you feel are holding you back, and you feel you need some support to do so, let me know.  A Yoga Therapy program might be right for you.  Find out more here. 


Photo by Shalev Cohen on Unsplash



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