Safely Held to Shine Your Light

empowered women meaning & purpose musings yoga therapy Oct 01, 2021

I experienced a magnificent moment during meditation this morning.  As I was sitting there I became aware of tiny sparkling stars emerging from my head and heart, shimmering away as they stayed within my energy field.  I bowed my head down, my arms extended, acknowledging that I am ready to receive.  I felt the most beautiful, warm feelings flooding my body.  I felt such comfort.  As I delved deeper into these feelings I found myself sitting in God's hand, safely being held.  

I knew at that moment that everything was going to be alright.  That everything is always alright, often I just don't let myself see it, or believe it.

I write the word "God" as that seems the easiest word to use.  For me this is not a religious God (far from it), but rather an energy that is genderless, powerful and giving.  I have at times used the word "Source", "All" or "Spirit".  You probably have your own word or name that means something to you.  

I used to comfortably live within this knowledge of God and Energy, and was very aware of the gifts I have to share.  Then somewhere along the way, over the decades, my belief in myself wore down, faded away, and I became very pragmatic and serious.  I had forgotten how to live for me.  I had forgotten how important it was for me to share my gifts with others to help them achieve their own purpose, meaning and truth.  I was fully aware that I had stepped far from my truth, but I have been so caught up in the "grind" of daily life that I didn't think I could ever get out from under that rock and shine my light again.

But here I am.  I have begun to emerge.   

As God held me in their hand, I felt safe, and knew that the time has come for me to reclaim who I was born to be.  Who I already am!  I had just forgotten about myself.  I am reminded that life is short.  So short.  And we all need to shine our lights now.  Your light may glow as your save the planet, foster a child, prepare home cooked meals for your family, or open an animal sanctuary.  It doesn't matter what your purpose is, for it is simply about becoming aware that you too are safely held and it is OK for you to shine your light now.

I invite you to step out from under your rock.  I know it's been tough, believe me I know.  Lockdowns, pandemics, unstable jobs, unstable accommodation, financial issues, family issues..... I'm not unique - we all have something that has kept us from stepping into our truth.  Until we confidently step forward nothing will change.  There is not a minute to waste in this precious life you have been gifted.  

There is also no magic bullet to fix everything instantly.  It takes dedicated work on yourself.  That is why I love all the practices that yoga presents to us, allowing us to peel back the layers and find the bliss that is already deep within us.  The first step is self-awareness, those "ahhaa" moments when you see how your thoughts, words and action not only impact others, but the impact they have on you.  That moment when you realise that no-one else is in your way - it is you.  Or when it suddenly strikes you that your negative self-talk, beliefs and ruminations are all false - they are not who you are, nor are they real.  They are nothing more than rocks in your way and you can choose a different path.

With dedicated time spent on your deeper and more spiritual needs every day this magical awareness begins to unfold her magnificent petals.  You are safely held, so step forward and shine.  

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Photo by: Alexei Scutari

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