Restore & Relax Yoga Class - Seaford

breath meditation reduce stress Jul 09, 2021

De-stress and Unwind from your busy life.

Take some time out for yourself and join me for this restful class in Seaford.

What will happen during this class?  The whole class will be done either sitting on your mat or laying down.

This deeply relaxing class can include any one of these restorative techniques:

  • Gentle restorative yoga postures (suited to beginners)
  • Yoga Nidra (very relaxing yogic sleep)
  • Relaxing meditation
  • Pranayama (breathing) exercises

When: Tuesday evenings 7.00 - 8.00pm

Wear comfortable and warm clothing.

If you have your own yoga mat, please bring it along.  You are welcome to bring your own blankets and bolsters too.  Or, you can use the ones at the studio.  You will need to bring a towel to place over the bolster if you want to use ones from the studio.  You are expected to wipe down the studio mat if using one.  Thank you.

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Class is held at the Elements of Happiness studio, Shop 3, 131 Nepean Highway, Seaford.  Lots of free parking at the rear (entrance is the car park near the creek).

*I will email you a brief form to complete - this is so you can let me know if you have any medical concerns I should know about.

Om Shanti ~ Om Peace


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