Release Hand Tension

10 minute miracle reduce stress yoga therapy Oct 12, 2021

Release tension in your fingers and hands.

This standing practice is a great way to not only get up off your chair and stretch your spine and legs, but also to release tension in the fingers and hands.

Every Ten Minute Miracle practice is designed to help you re-set, unwind and reduce stress in 10 minutes or less.  So there's no excuse - you can fit this into your day. (This one is only 6 minutes long).


When we spend much of the day either typing or on a device, it is important for the joints and muscles of your hands to extend the fingers with some gentle stretches.  This practice brings movement to the fingers, hands, wrists and shoulders.  This practice also brings awareness to your posture, and opens your chest and heart space, thereby strengthening your upper back.

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 *Please note that you should cease doing anything that causes pain, discomfort, dizziness or lightheadedness.  Use your common sense when practicing any physical movements , seated practices, or meditations.


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