Peeling Back the Layers To Find Your Bliss

yoga therapy Dec 07, 2021


Can we really live in a state of bliss 24/7?  


Maybe, and maybe not. 

BUT - we can certainly work towards tuning into this state some of the time, and that alone will make a big difference to our existence as humans on this Earth.

In yoga, and indeed in yoga therapy, the goal is to move through the Koshas (the layers of being) towards the inner most layer of our being, the fifth layer, known as Anandamaya kosha.  As tiny as a seed, this kosha is the seat of true joy and bliss that, when discovered, radiates throughout your whole existence.


Hold your horses! 

We must work on the other 4 layers first to reach this one...because without understanding ourselves we wont recognise bliss even when it is staring us in the face.  


The Koshas - the layers of being

  1.  Annamaya Kosha - your physical body - the outer most layer 
  2.  Pranamaya Kosha - your breath/prana/energy body
  3.  Manomaya Kosha - your mind/thoughts, your mental body
  4.  Vijnanamaya Kosha - your intuition/ wisdom body
  5.  Anandamaya Kosha - your bliss body - the inner most layer, sitting deep within the heart

Each kosha sits within the next one, nourishing it with its subtle energy.  Yoga therapy assists us to ensure this nourishment is truly beneficial.   


We are multi-dimensional beings

We can not attain "good health" simply by working out or moving the physical body.  Health comes when we work on each layer of our being.  

"True health is a coming home to your Self.  In the condition of not being at home to your Self, there is dis-ease" ~ Mukunda Stiles.

That's what I love about yoga therapy.  Everyone is different and everyone's "remedy" will be different.  Of course in yoga therapy the "remedy" is not a pill or potion.  Instead it is a practice created for you based on many considerations, such as:

  • Investigating what is going on in your Koshas/layers
  • Finding out if any form of change is occurring in your life
  • Looking at the Kleshas (the five forms of suffering) that you may be experiencing
  • Examining lifestyle and food choices
  • Identifying if any unconscious thoughts or beliefs are behind your suffering
  • Understanding how we can help you cultivate the qualities of balance, harmony and peacefulness, the qualities of Sattva.

As a Yoga Therapist I want you to find the ease and peace that you are seeking, whether this is ease from a physical, mental or emotional disturbance, whether this is seeking peace through spirituality, or a deeper longing for meaning in your life.

Here's the link to find out more about a Yoga Therapy program for you.


 Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash



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