Parkinson's, Yoga Therapy & Quality Of Life

neurological wellbeing parkinson's yoga therapy Jan 17, 2022

It is so encouraging when I read about studies that support the positive transformative effects of Yoga Therapy, particularly when the study's cohort are people living with Parkinson's.

A 2021 research paper by Gummadi & Uppal (1) states that both yoga therapy and music therapy can help improve one's quality of life, physical functioning, and overall wellbeing.  The participant age group was between 60 - 75, and there were a mix of people living with stage 1 and stage 2 of PD.  

They found that the yoga therapy intervention improved dynamic balance, thereby reducing the risk of falls, and improved static balance, as well as decreased severity of back pain.  72% stated that since participating in the yoga/music therapy and exercise programs they were able to reduce their medication, including levodopa.  88% stated that were experiencing a notable relief in their PD symptoms since starting the yoga therapy and music therapy programs. 

Yoga therapy supports the fight against Parkinson's and studies such as this one pave the way forward demonstrating that the rich techniques of yoga therapy can improve one's quality of life. 

More studies such as these are needed to further support the field of yoga therapy as a valid complementary and integrative therapy.

Find out how yoga therapy can support Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and mild cognitive impairment - here


1. Music and Yoga Therapy as a Treatment Method for Parkinson's Disease (PD), European university Department of Neurology, Neurorehabilitation.


Photo by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash.


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