Menopause and Finding Joy

age well ayurveda empowered women menopause women healing yoga therapy Oct 17, 2021

I invite you to allow yourself to step away from the negative dialogue surrounding ageing, and your doubts, fears and over-analysing mind, and learn how to tune into your inner wisdom.  This wisdom is your sacred right as you awaken to the gifts and knowledge of Mother Consciousness, the great, wise mother seated within each of us.  

I hear you asking “this sounds great, but how do I awaken to all of this?”  By committing to engage in actions and choices that open your awareness to the sacredness of menopause and your new life beyond this.  By changing the inner-dialogue you can effectively change the view of your future and reclaim your joy.

These years are transformational as they signify a new concept in the “coming of age”. 

We are not withered, washed up, useless or insignificant – and I get that you may feel like this, as I know I did.  Many old texts would have you believe that we are now in the Winter of our lives.  Sure, 500 years ago you were probably lucky to be alive at the age of 50.  Rather, I see this time as our new Spring – a time that is perfect for re-birth.  We have lived, experienced life, made good choices and other choices.  We have a wisdom that runs deep through our cells, through our DNA, that we can tap into.  This wisdom runs through all women and connects us with the great Mother energy.

The answers to everything we seek lie within us.  We can access these through practices that lead us to unveil our Shakti (our creative, exquisite energy): 

  • Yoga – simply begin to connect the breath with the body, moving with the breath. This has nothing to do with fancy poses, headstands, or the latest gym gear.
  • Mindfulness – introduce mindful awareness into your daily life. Notice that this moment is always the only moment there is.  There is no past and no future – there is only now.  Mindfulness allows us to set the thinking mind aside and be truly present.
  • Meditation – a seated practice of focused awareness that brings great calm, clarity and peace, improves sleep, increases cognitive function, and a multitude of other benefits.
  • Yoga Nidra – the most beautiful practice of allowing deep rest, healing and transformation on every level.
  • Pranayama – breathing exercises that invite prana, life force energy, into the body, reduce stress, boost immunity, clear the mind.
  • Eating a sattvic diet – this means eating to suit your constitution and your phase of life, and eating in a way that does not harm you, animals or the planet. Create peace on your plate, in your body, mind and soul.
  • The ancient teachings found in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda can relieve the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause and ageing, and guide you towards your true self, wellbeing and purpose.
  • Utilise therapeutic yoga to assist with hot flushes, bone density, arthritis, bladder weakness, balance, sleep and stress, to cultivate a strong and well body.
  • Contemplation and self-reflection – the more we practice these steps, the more we reveal ourselves to ourselves. Without the ability to self-reflect we cannot grow, learn, or hear Mother Consciousness wisdom.

These practices naturally change your inner conversation around menopause and ageing in such a positive way, and increase your Ojas

Ojas is our vigor, the subtle, essential energy that, when flowing abundantly, cultivates harmony through the body and mind.  When we nourish and nurture our being on every level this essence gives us strength, immunity and vitality.  When Ojas is flowing we naturally awaken to our deep inner wise woman’s wisdom.  

Rather than feeling or fearing the 'dried out end', you awaken and re-emerge.  This is JOY.

Let me show you how you can heal by letting go of the Shakti of your fertile years.  Welcome and embrace this beautiful transition of your feminine energy into abundant gifts of knowledge and wisdom.

This can be the most perfect time of your life if you release fighting the changes and allow your wisdom to step forth.  For it is never too late to change the road you are on and experience joy. But you do need to take that first step onto this path. I can not do it for you.  

When you feel ready, please join me, and other women on the same path.......

The Empowered Women’s Wellness Portal is a monthly membership site that includes access to all the practices listed above and more.  Be part of a group of wise, wonderful women, a collective feminine force that is rising, and welcome joy back into your life.

With so much love and respect

Silva x

PS  Let’s celebrate World Menopause Day – 18th October.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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