How Can A Yoga Therapist Help Me?

women healing yoga therapy Dec 06, 2021
You might be thinking "...but isn't yoga therapy just like a yoga class but like a private yoga class?"  Great question!

Yoga therapy is not a yoga class at all.


As a Yoga Therapist I was taught to use the rich Yogic Framework to both inquire and explore health and dis-ease with an individual, to restore equanimity, equilibrium and bring contentment back into the person's life.
No two people are alike.  In fact we are all born with a unique constitution, known as a dosha.  While there are only 3 main doshas, each of us is our own special blend of these, making us who we are, how we look, think, react, move, feel, and so on.  While we may have similar traits to someone else with the same doshic combination as us, we are still a beautiful unique individual.
No two women experiencing fertility struggles, menopause symptoms or grief will experience these in the same way, nor will the reason for the imbalance be the same. 
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We are each a beautiful unique individual. 


Doshas can become imbalanced through choices, actions, decisions, reactions, beliefs and negative self-talk.  When out of whack, we tend to be drawn towards doing the very things that imbalance us further. One of the many aspects used by a Yoga Therapist is to investigate how to bring your doshas back into balance, back towards harmony.  
A Yoga Therapist will look at all of this and present you with some "tools" and techniques that will help you move towards wellbeing and balance.  

That is why yoga therapy is nothing like a yoga class. 


The home practice or program that is curated for you meets your needs.  Even in a small group Yoga Therapy program with a common theme, everyone will have their own practice, but be able to enjoy the experience in a small setting feeling part of that community.
Your yoga therapy program will be based on your abilities, available time, and guiding you towards your specific goals.  
It will never be a generic 1 hour yoga class that you feel pressured to practice every day.  
Your home practice may include a 5 minute meditation with a mantra that your Yoga Therapist has helped you uncover for yourself and a 5 minute breathing exercise, practiced every morning before the rest of the family wake up.
Or, you home practice may include a deeply restful yoga nidra (yogic sleep) practice that you listen to before bed. 
Perhaps you are trying to conceive and this is causing a lot or stress.  Your home practice may include tracking your cycle so that you better understand the ebb and flow of your hormones, and some restorative postures with breathing that help you tune into your womb space.
For women dealing with hot flushes there might be some more traditional yoga postures that help you release heat or tension from the body.  If you only have 15 minutes spare a day then that is how long your practice will be.
You don't need to be fit, flexible, or ever have been to yoga or meditation.  You just need to want to find healing, peace and balance, to find an end to your suffering.  

Because I want you to succeed!

Therefore your home practice throughout the program needs to be achievable and do-able for you.  
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