Healing the Heart

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Healing the heart space

There would be few people among us who need no healing within their heart space.  Most of us have experienced grief and/or loss in some form or another.  Although time heals the wounds of heart-break, the imprint of the pain, the loss, can remain there for a long time.  In some cases decades can pass and that impression still lurks there beneath the surface.

Healing the heart is necessary to be able to address and release the past, move forward and align ourselves with our true essence to live as we were meant to.  But we humans are an odd bunch.  You would think that releasing emotional pain and moving on is something we would all want to do.  Yet, we don’t.  We find a certain level of familiarity and comfort living with the breakages in or hearts.  Mending them feels foreign, and we fear not knowing who we are without the pain.

Release equals relief

I remember that many years had passed since my darling dog Roxy passed, and during a yoga class I suddenly felt the grief starting to lift and it freaked me out because I did not want to lose that pain.  For some reason I was holding on to this grief so tightly and I was not prepared to let it go.  I believed that releasing the pain would release my love for her, but in fact as soon as I realised this I felt enormous relief and my love for her didn’t lessen as I thought.  Instead it grew to a love of even purer form.

There are many examples that I could share with you about my broken heart – loss of animals dear to me, loss of grandparents and other family members, loss of fertility, loss of work colleagues when changing jobs, loss of our habitat to human destruction.  All of these carry grief in one form or another.  But through yoga and meditation I have been able to identify the pain, no matter how ancient it is, and find a way to release it and heal my heart.  Releasing the pain does not lessen your emotions, nor lessen your love.  Releasing heartbreak strengthens your love for you, and that in turn strengthens your love for all.

Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga help us heal

Being mindful and aware of our breath, and the physical practice of Yoga, are such a beautiful ways to get in touch with your heart space.  Through these practices we connect with our inner-most feelings and we can release that which no longer serves us.  But most importantly, during these practices we are in the present moment, and when we are in this moment we are free.  Allow mindfulness meditation and yoga to move that heavy broken energy out of your heart space and you will find contentment, calmness and freedom to allow your heart to heal and radiate even more love.

If you feel your heart needs some healing please join me for the Woman: Heal Thyself workshop in Tyabb on 31st July, or a very special Healing the Sadness for Childless Couples in Balnarring on 14th August (pricing for this one is per couple).  

Om Shanti ~ Om Peace

Silva x

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