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meditation mudra yoga therapy Jul 09, 2021

If you joined in the Cultivating Awareness and Harmony within Your Body Meditation on Friday evening then you may now be familiar with Hakini mudra.

What are the benefits?

Hakini mudra guides us towards the wisdom that lies within our whole being.  It creates a feeling of wholeness and integration of the different layers and aspects of who we are.  Hakini mudra helps us to breathe fully and deeply, naturally turning the breath towards full yogic breathing (that is, breathing fully into the abdomen, ribs and top of the chest.  This mudra supports us to experience health and wellbeing.  And, it cultivates awareness of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body, thereby creating a sense of integration and harmony throughout.

Hakini mudra also opens up both nostrils so that there is balance between the left and right, receptive and active, feminine and masculine aspects of your true harmonious self (1).  This mudra is also reported to enhance circulation, as well as brining our attention to the centre between our eyebrows, the Third Eye (Ajna) chakra (1).

How do I do it?

Bring opposing thumbs and fingers together as though you were holding a globe between the palms.   Now rest your palms onto your solar plexus (between the navel and the bottom of the ribs).  Your thumbs will be in the direction of your head, and your fingers are in a downward direction towards your lap.  The symbolism of holding the globe represents the unity and wholeness that is inherent to who we are through all layers of our being (1).

It is great if you can be sitting in an open and upright posture, supported by a cushion or bolster if you need to.  However, if you are not comfortable sitting you can lay down.

Close your eyes and start to focus on your breath, awakening to the sensations of this mudra.

Next we move through the body, taking 3 full deep breaths as you focus on and breathe into the left side of your body bringing awareness to your inherent intuitive qualities.  Then 3 full breaths into the right side of the body bringing awareness to your active dynamic self.   Sense your breath flowing evening and harmoniously through both sides.

Repeat this same process with 3 full breaths into the back and 3 full breaths into the front of the body.  When breathing into the back body tune into your deep beliefs that are attuned with your feelings and thoughts.  When breathing into the front of the body become aware of the habits and other qualities that make you who you are.  Now breathe evenly from front to back, being aware of the conscious and unconscious integrating.

Repeat this same process by dividing the body into a top and bottom at the waist.  Taking 3 full deep breaths into the lower part first, feeling grounded and stable.  Then taking 3 full breaths into the upper part as you tune into your spiritual qualities.  Then breath into and bring awareness to the bottom and top of your body together, observing the integration of the physical and spiritual together.

Finally, feel your breath flowing freely throughout your whole body. As you do this feel integration with your right and left sides, your front and back, your bottom and top.  Bring awareness to the feelings of harmony and unity flowing through your whole being.

Affirm these feelings of harmony and unity by stating 3 times “Through integrating all aspects of my being I live in harmony and unity”.

Take your time, and when you are ready you can release the mudra and open your eyes.

When should I practice this mudra?

Practice it whenever you want to feel grounded, connected and cultivate harmony throughout your being.  You can hold the mudra, close your eyes, breathe deeply and bring awareness to what you are sensing and feeling.  Or you can go through the steps outlined above for a more integrated experience.

This mudra is safe for everyone.  However, if you find your fingers or hands get tired whilst practicing, simply let go of the mudra and resume again once your hands feel rested.

To find out more about mudras click here.

Thank you to Gena Kenny for her teachings in this topic. To find out more about Gena Kenny Yoga click here.

Thank you to Joseph and Lillian Le Page for their incredible book Mudra For Healing And Transformation.

Om Shanti ~ Om Peace

Silva x



  1. Le Page J. & L., (2014) Mudras For Healing and Transformation. 2nd ed. Integrative Yoga Therapy.

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