Finding Your Bliss

meaning & purpose yoga therapy Jul 10, 2021

Finding bliss is possible.  Finding meaning and purpose is possible, and encouraged as part of your journey from healing to wholeness. 

As we slowly uncoil the layers of our being, we gently find our way to our centre where bliss is our natural state.  The obstacles in our way begin to dissolve and the path toward our true self becomes clearer.  This is our core essence and leads us naturally towards Dharma – our life’s purpose.

For some of us our Dharma is clear very early on in life.  For others the awareness surrounding our Dharma happens later in life.  Still others may have an inkling, or even a voice deep within them, and they know what their Dharma is, but there are too many obstacles along the way.  Dharma can of course change too throughout life as you mature, change and grow as a person.

This is where the esteemed tools of yoga can really help us.  Tools may seem an odd word, as embracing yoga is a way of life, but for the purpose of this short article it seems to fit.  Through yoga I found my calling.  However, to stay on course requires commitment, and our commitment to yoga is what keeps us on track, as we chisel away at the boulders blocking our path towards Dharma.

Once we allow yoga into our lives, slowly we begin to uncover glimpses of our purpose.  Then suddenly one day it hit us – we’ve known all along what our purpose is, we simply needed to find a way to get over ourselves and out of our own way.  And there it is – shining as brightly as the midday sun.  So, take your yoga commitment seriously as it allows your truest self to emerge.  You finally get it – you know why you are here and you know what you are meant to be doing with your life.  You even begin to understand how you will make it all happen.

Then the magic begins, struggles subside as you realise you have found your Dharma and you are living your truest purpose, ready to share it with those who will benefit from this.  This is bliss.  If your purpose is driven by ego then this is not Dharma. Dharma serves a higher good – our own, and those we will serve (animals, environment, older people, refugees, children etc…).

We all have the ability to experience this, and the eight limbs of the yogic path can truly show us how to realise what is our inherent right.  If you are new to yoga, I encourage you to give meditation, mindfulness, breathing and movement a go, with the awareness that yoga is not simply physical exercise – it is so much more than that.  Yoga allows us to work through the layers, to uncoil and clear them, moving us closer and closer to our bliss.   If you have tried yoga before, recommit.  The world needs whatever your Dharma may be.

Om Shanti ~ Om Peace

Silva x


Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash


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