Embracing Change

empowered women meaning & purpose women healing Aug 13, 2021

Dear Change,

I know you are good for me, yet I find it difficult at times to embrace you.

Does that sound like you?

Change brings change.  It present us with challenges and it allows us to welcome newness.  Change can be anything and in everything.  After all, the weather changes constantly, and our body changes constantly.  Nothing is stable eternally.

So let's make a pact now to embrace change!

I know how frightening change can be, because it brings with it the "unknown".  And most people don't like the "unknown".  BUT - change is the only mechanism there is to propel you forward in life.  

If you are stuck, write up a plan for change - no matter how small that change might be.  One tiny change can have a positive cascading effect.  Once you make a plan to change one thing you begin to welcome greater alignment with the flow of life, and that is when positive and wonderous things begin to occur for you.  You begin to align more and more with your purpose, moving closer to living your Dharma.  

Try to embrace change rather than resisting it, and see where it takes you.  You might be pleasantly surprised.  It could lead to a new job, new business, new friends or a new home.  You just don't know - and that's the frightening bit, but also the exciting bit.  

With change comes choice.  Make a change and if you don't like the results, choose differently and make a different change.  

So I encourage you to do something today to enact one positive change in your life.  Maybe this small change includes changing your mindset, thinking differently, acting differently, choosing to journal every evening, or getting up 10 minutes earlier and doing some stretches.  The smallest change can lead to the most amazing outcomes for you.  

Embrace the change, because if nothing changes, then nothing changes.  So really, there is nothing to lose.   

You've got this!

Silva x 

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