Cooling and Calming Breath

10 minute miracle breath empowered women menopause reduce stress yoga therapy Oct 06, 2021

Shatali Breath - a cooling, calming breath.

*Please note that at the beginning of the video I say "Inhale through the tongue, exhale through the mouth". This is incorrect (apologies).  It should be "inhale through the tongue, exhale through the NOSE". 

Come to a comfortable sitting position.  Place your hands either in your lap or on your knees.  Inhale through a rolled tongue (like a straw), then close your mouth, slightly dip your chin, and exhale through the nose.  Lift your chin up again so it is parallel to the floor.  Repeat 9 x.

If you are unable to roll your tongue, then inhale through your teeth instead. 


Shitali is well known as the most cooling of breaths.  Excellent for hot flushes and reducing heat in the body.  Cools an over-active, over-heated mind.  Alleviates tension and anxiety.  Emotions such as resentment and anger begin to dissolve.

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 *Please note that you should cease doing anything that causes pain, discomfort, dizziness or lightheadedness.  Use your common sense when practicing any physical movements , seated practices, or meditations.

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