Connecting Breath, Heart & Yoni Mudra

10 minute miracle breath meditation mudra Sep 27, 2021

Welcome to another "10 Minute Miracle" practice.

Today we focus on our breath, inviting energy to travel between our heart space and our feminine energy centre in the pelvis.  We also use Yoni mudra to help us draw the energy into our womb space. 

A mudra is a sacred gesture, usually made with the hands.  Yoni translates as womb space


Yoni mudra cultivates a calm mind, quietens busy thoughts and creates a sense of inner peace.  Yoni mudra creates healing energies that flow to enhance your feminine power, your Shakti energy. 

These sacred hand gestures create energy circuits which allow prana (our lifeforce energy) to travel through the body to a specific location and for a specific purpose.  In this case the prana travels to the womb, or to the pelvis where these reproductive organs would reside (for anyone woman who no longer has her reproductive organs).

There are several variations of Yoni mudra. The one I have chosen here is an Open yoni mudra with simpler placement of the hands.  When we take up this mudra, whilst also focusing on our breath and connecting the heart with the womb space we begin to create a beautiful feminine energy from within.

I will show you what Yoni mudra looks like - opposite thumbs and index fingers touching, other fingers pointing downwards, as though you are forming a downward pointing triangle.  Let the hands rest in the pelvic area. 

Tune into the video above and follow along as you connect your feminine energy with your "wise woman" heart space. 

Once you practice this a few times with me, you may find you are comfortable to practice it on your own as needed. 

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*Please note that you should cease doing anything that causes pain, discomfort, dizziness or lightheadedness.  Use your common sense when practicing any physical movements , seated practices, or meditations. 

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