Are You Stuck In A Loop?

empowered women meaning & purpose women healing yoga therapy Jul 09, 2021

Sometimes we get stuck in patterns, in loops, and no matter how much we want to escape them, or how aware we are of them, it can be seemingly impossible to find our way out and back onto our path towards our purpose.

Yoga gives us the tools to start releasing these stuck habits, beliefs and patterns that have developed from years and years of experiences and conditioning. Through creating space in the body, new neural pathways in the brain, and becoming aware of the flow of our breath, we can begin to catch a glimpse of a way out of the loops and towards empowerment - that is the power of yoga.  Then we catch the glimmer of our inner light and the road blocks slowly begin to crumble away.

If you feel you are ready to begin learning how to get out of the loop, feel empowered and find your truth, then join me on Saturday 31st July in Tyabb, for a half day workshopWoman: Heal Thyself.

It is never too late to begin, for every day is a fresh start, if we choose to make it such.  Every day we can actively work towards not only bettering ourselves as humans, but moving closer to our calling so that we can serve to the best of our abilities.  Living our dharma/our true path is always about living our best and doing our best.  To serve others, the planet, the environment, children, animals, whatever our individual journey may be, is the core essence of dharma.  It is never driven by an egotistical nature.  And when we are on the right path we feel fulfilled in heart and soul.  It is a beautiful feeling.

I look forward to meeting you in Tyabb.

Om Shanti ~ Om Peace

Silva x

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