A Deeper Understanding Of Self

cognitive health neurological wellbeing parkinson's yoga therapy Jan 06, 2022


Although only six days old, this year has taught me more than the last couple of years put together.  


It's been hard!  

I know, it's been difficult for everyone.  On top of the usual financial losses to a small business during these crazy times, I have also endured some deeply hurtful and stressful family situations that really knocked me about.  My self-esteem, self-belief, and will to continue have been at an all-time low.  I felt useless.

Thoughts and self-talk like "I'll never succeed",  "What's the point, I'm a hopeless yoga therapist, no-one's interested in my services, I may as well go back to a job"...etc... some of you may know exactly what I'm talking about .... have been plaguing my head and heart. 

This moping about has gone on for months and months.  My partner, bless him, has been nothing short of supportive and encouraging.  A couple of weeks ago he said to me "Silva, you need to get out of this head space or you wont be able to move forward with your business, and people need your skills and experience.  So, why don't you become your own yoga therapy client".

Sounds funny, right?  But I did it.  And the results have been life-changing and totally reaffirming for me.  I completed my own client form, worked out how much time I actually have each day for this extra practice, and have committed to it EVERY SINGLE DAY.  



In the last few days I have noticed a clear shift in my self-belief and thought patterns.  I can begin to recognise where my skills and natural gifts lay. 


My practice

The home practice I created for myself was in addition to my daily yoga practice.  I gave myself 15 minutes just before bed every night to work on shifting my unhelpful Samskaras, and replacing these beliefs and thoughts with positive, helpful ones.  I developed a mudra practice to help me separate myself from my conditioning and beliefs.  Then I chant a short Sanskrit phrase to help build courage.  This is followed by a ten minute meditation on an affirmation I found suitable for developing bravery and my spiritual growth.  

That is why I love yoga therapy (or, at least one of the reasons I love it) - you don't need to find an extra 60 -90 minutes a day.  Let's face it - who has that much time every day!  You simply need to find some time that you can comfortably commit to in order to support your wellbeing and growth.  


Some other interesting realisations have emerged

Since committing to my yoga therapy practice I have found that in my regular morning meditation practice I have experienced some profound realisations.  

My dreams are BIG, they always have been - I want to save the world.  But - I realise that these ideals have actually removed me from my dharma, my purpose, in this role of yoga therapist.  This has lead to little focus and clarity on my path, where I found myself trying to be there for everyone in this world.  

The knock at the door of my brain happened during morning meditation 6 days ago.  A man with an unsteady gait appeared and said to me "What about me?  Take your focus back to what you know and help me". 



There it was, right before me.  How did I not see this sooner?

My life's work and education has been in community health and neurological conditions, so why did I think my yoga therapy work would be something else?  Even during my yoga therapy training my excitement peaked during the Parkinson's disease case studies, and in my Ayurvedic training it was the link between human constitutions and Alzheimer's disease that grabbed me more than any other topic.

So here I am, back to where I started, back to where I should have been focusing all along. 

Yoga can teach us so much about ourselves, because without this understanding we may never be truly satisfied with life.  The feeling of ease and contentment deep in my heart tells me that I am on the right path - finally!


Yoga Therapy for neurological conditions

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Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

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