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Boost Your Brain: 4 Week Mindfulness Meditation Course

If you fear being diagnosed with dementia or feel there is nothing you can do to improve your cognitive function as you age then this self-paced course is for you.  

Science tells us that it is absolutely possible to have a healthy body and mind as we move into mid-life and beyond.  I am here to guide you in this journey. 


"I didn't think I could meditate - but I can, and my sleep has improved" ~ Anita, 67


"I don't like airy stuff and need to know facts. I now see how important a daily meditation practice is" ~ Samuel, 58


"My mum passed away from Alzheimer's disease when she was 75 and that scared me.  I don't want that to be me, that's why I eagerly made the changes suggested in this course" ~ Petris, 71


"With all the bad news you read about nursing homes I am going to do whatever it takes to stay living in my own home.  This course is a great step in the right direction" ~ Janine, 62

Not Sure If This Is For You?

  • Learn how to reduce your risk of being diagnosed with dementia
  • Understand how meditation (backed by science) can help keep your brain healthy
  • You care about improving your health and wellness
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The course runs over 4 weeks, however you have access to all the material indefinitely 


Get connected with like-minded folks by joining in the discussion forum within the course

Backed By Science

Every meditation audio and course document is backed by the latest research and evidence

Support Q & A

Twice weekly Silva will check in to the comments section and answer any questions you may have


This course is unique, developed specifically for midlifers and older adults who want to age well

Enhance Cognitive Health

A methodically constructed program, in plain English, to guide you towards reducing your risk of dementia

Do you want to minimise your risk of dementia?


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Key benefits from this course

  • Reduce your risk of dementia
  • Learn how to build neural pathways that calm the mind
  • Improve your sleep quality - this is so important for brain health
  • Reduce stress - long-term stress impacts brain function
  • Experience the transformational benefits of cultivating a regular mindfulness meditation practice

Module 1

Learn what Mindfulness Meditation is all about and how to introduce it into your life

Start practicing with guided audio


Module 2

Learn why Mindfulness Meditation is important to ageing well

Continue building your practice with guided audio


Module 3

Learn how Mindfulness Meditation improves cognitive function

Continue building confidence with guided audio meditations

Module 4

Learn how to integrate Mindfulness Meditation into your daily life, establishing a routine

Guided audio of the complete Mindfulness Meditation practice

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