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You always have free access to loads of articles and the latest news.  Read all about the therapeutic benefits of yoga and Ayurveda for women's wellness, healing childless grief and menopause.

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Improve your health with therapeutic yoga and lifestyle practices.  Empower yourself and experience healing and wellness. Online and in-person classes, workshops and courses.

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Menopause and Beyond

This 6 Week Yoga therapy program includes live support, recorded sessions & workbook.  This online  program officially opens on 16th September.  Secure your spot now with the Early Bird price.

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I had never tried yoga or meditation before. With Silva's guidance I was able to achieve a deep state of relaxation during online meditation.  I discovered a point of focus, rest and renewal.  I would highly recommend any of Silva's courses. 

Mara Priedkalns, Melbourne.

Robin Ambler, Mornington Peninsula

Thank you Silva for bringing gentle and compassionate yoga and meditation to people aged over 55.  You have such a lovely graceful style and way of teaching us.  You ensure that we are safe, and it is clear you deeply care about the wellbeing of your students.  Thank you for these wonderful classes.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Silva is knowledgeable, compassionate and diligent and her approach is always responsible and ethical.  She has the right mix of empathy and guidance.  I recommend Silva as someone who will support and empower others.

Graham Custance, Melbourne.

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Boost Your Brain: 4 Week Mindfulness Meditation Course 

If you fear being diagnosed with dementia or feel there is nothing you can do to improve your cognitive function as you age then this self-paced course is for you.  

Science tells us that it is absolutely possible to have a healthy body and mind as we move into mid-life and beyond.  I am here to guide you in this journey. 

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Childless Women's Community

Welcoming you wonderful woman you! 

Be a founding member and join this supportive and healing community.  I want to offer a safe space for women who are childless not by choice, to share, learn and heal together.  

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